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To Our December 2020 Issue


Featured Stories

The Unicorn and the Univac

by Thomas E Fuller

adapted by Brad Strickland

How We Tear Ourselves Apart

by Elizabeth Guilt

Hall of Windows, Hall of Light

by Donna J. W. Munro

Curmudgeon Quest

by Art Lasky

Balls in the Air

by Dave Schroeder

Dream Steed

by Paige Steadman

Gandabherunda, the two headed Garuda

by Shashi Kadapa


by Madison M. Martin

Seal Hunter

by Jude Reid

Render Unto Caesar

by Chris Edwards

Joey the Genie

by Arlo Sharp


by Brandon James Burton

bonus story:

Case Sensitive

by Retta Bodhaine

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Special Thanks To

Our Narrators


Rivka Levin

(The Unicorn and the Univac)

Ariel Kasten

(How We Tear Ourselves Apart)

Trudy Leonard

(Hall of Windows, Hall of Light)

Bob Brown

(Curmudgeon Quest)

Dave Schroeder

(Balls in the Air)

Kelley S Ceccato

(Dream Steed)

Tamil Periasamy

(Gandabherunda the two headed Garuda)

Alexandria Denise


Jory Bush

(Seal Hunter)

Joe Ravenson

(Render Unto Caesar)

David Benedict

(Joey the Genie)

Christa Burton


Brian E Smith

(Case Sensitive)

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Ellie Cook

Helen Fleitz

Shane Bryant

Donna J.W. Munro

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Helen Flietz

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