Content Guidelines

- A new explanation for a phenomena or occurrence that has happened or conceivably will happen within your lifetime.

- Using old characters or creatures in new stories.

- Telling an old story in a modern way, (it should be nearly or completely unrecognizable from its old form.)

Myths and faerie tales have been historically used to explain the world or enforce societal behaviors. The Gray Sisters are looking for tales that explain the events or enforce the behaviors of the 20th and 21st centuries in fanciful ways. The stories don't strictly need to take place in this world, but they do need to relate back to its existence or behavior. 


Submissions may have adult themes and language and they may be violent or graphic. However, these things should be used for the quality of the story and not shock value or shortcuts. They also should not glorify or idealize the uglier aspects of life.

Submissions must be between 1000 and 3000 words, in English, fully edited and on theme. They can not have been previously published, or currently being considered for publication elsewhere.

If you have any further content questions, please see the FAQ section or the Contact Us sections of this site.

Last updated 06/21/2020